Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Science group information.

Group name: Bugatti(car)
Reason: fastest car in the world and reaches the destination faster.
Names: Ming Yi, Devanshi, Daniel and Matthew
Picture: (in attachment)

(we choose this picture because we are ready to make the impossible happen.)

Vow: We promise to respect the teacher and our classmates, be responsible for our actions, play our roles in class diligently and not misuse our rights of communicating in class by talking while someone else is.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Lexus

Our group name: The Lexus,

 WE chose it because it is cool.

Our team members : siddharth gohil, Dexter Lim, Leighton wang, Dawn, 
lexus lfa roadster concept photo

Group Info

Group name: Lockheed Blackbird

   • Christabel
   • Jia En
   • Akhila
   • Max (Kaung Myat Thu)
   • Darryl

Group Vow : We will be respectful to one another, and will always listen to anyone speaking, take responsibility in our work and everything we do. We will be communicative with each other, always be friends, and always think before we do anything.
(certified by max)

Yellow group formation

Group Name: BumbleBee
Reason:It is a very nice car, plus it is transformers and we all agreed on it.

Group Vow: Respect others by listening when they are talking, Take Responsibility by doing homework and following the SST culture (DWYSYWD) Do What You Say You Would Do. Keep Relationships together by co-operating with friends and family, understanding each other, and their positions, Reflection,by reflecting what you have done at the end of the day, asking if what you did was right, useful......

Group Members: Ryan Yeo, Chong Suan Zhuang Mervin, Luke-John Lee Suen Keat and Joshua Tan.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Group Formation

In a group, create a post to include the following:

1) Group name (based on a vehicle) and why your group chose this name.
2) Names of group members.
3) Group vow based on 4Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, Reflection).
4) Picture that represents the group.

You can post by sending email to